Colossal Danes


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Our Team

 All of my danes are treated like they are one of the family.

Princess Saffera

Princess Saffera definately rules the roost! She is very playful and is a bit spoiled. She was born July 3 2007 and she is already a horse. Saffera is registered CKC. She is the daughter of Kaiba and a black female named Puppy that belongs to my friend Amy Normand. Saffera produces large pups that are usually fawn and brindle. You can see pics of her past litters on my "Past Litters" page!



Aslin (meaning dream) was born on 4/14/09.It has always been my dream to own a blue or a bluelequin dane and I am super excited to have her in the family. She is so sweet and is blending in with our family very well. She is registered AKC and CKC.


Born 4/16/14, she is the newest addition to our family! Her name means mirage because her coat is like the desert sand and her eyes are the blue water you thirst for! Her eyes can mesmerize you! She is a snuggler and loves to be on your lap! She is CKC registered

Grim Reaper's Rampage   aka Reaper

 He is the son of Princess Saffera and Mr. Boreanaz and was born on March 6th 2013. He is CKC registered. He is a big boy already and he still has growing to do.  

Agent Booth    (Stud dog from Farful Farms)

Mr Boreanaz (Stud from Farful Farms)


Muffasa is a massive male fawn that belongs to Plasma Danes. Muffasa is only a few months older than Saffera, but he already towers above most of the adult danes. He is registered CKC.I use him as a stud dog for Saffera!

Sir Kaiba  (RIP)

Kaiba is a beautiful Brindle male. He is registered CKC and APRI. He was born January 7, 2006. He is very loyal and my BIG baby! Kaiba has fathered 2 litters that belonged to my best friend Amy Normand of Plasma Danes and is also the stud I use for my litters with Sledge.Kaiba produces beautiful big pups! Kaiba weighs approx. 150 lbs


Lady Sledge       (Rehomed to a great family)

Lady Sledge is a black female dane who was born February 14, 2007.She is CKC registered. Sledge has a great temperment. Very gentle and docile. She is very intelligent and not afraid to demand attention! Sledge weighs approx. 130 lbs