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Update:12/6/16-I have a friend that just had a litter of pups on 11/30/16 and she is accepting deposits. She has Blacks and Merles. CKC Registered

Contact Stacy Golden 210 589-9281   

About Us:   


 I am Barbara Evans, owner of Colossal Danes and we are glad to welcome you to our website. I have been a Dane owner for over 20 years and I get lots of help from my three children. 

Here at Colossal Danes we pride ourselves at breeding well adjusted, well socialized great danes. We begin socializing our puppies at birth. We believe that time spent with our pups can only result in well-adjusted, calm, content dogs. We introduce other animals at an early age and watch carefully that our pups are not scared or traumatized in any way.

We are dedicated to the breed and believe that as Great Dane breeders it is our responsibility to produce only dogs that exemplify the "Gentle Giants".

We also strive to produce healthy sound puppies. Our pups are all vaccinated and wormed at regular intervals. Our adult breeders are kept current on shots and wormed regularly. We accept a $200.00 non-refundable deposit to hold the pup of your choice until such time he/she is able to go to hi/her new home. We ship pups all over the continental United States.

Please feel free to browse the additional pages on this site or if you would like to talk with up personally, please feel free to call me at (903) 292-3473 or email at [email protected]

Special thanks to Amy of Plasma Danes and Judy of Farful Farms for getting me started and helping me along the way! 


 We love to "talk danes" and are always available to answer questions and share our "dane experiences".